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Passport to India - A U.S. Department of State Initiative

Passport to India Innovation Grants now available for new activities and partnerships promoting India as a destination for study and internships!




Grants of up to $1,000 each are available for new activities and partnerships promoting India as a destination for study and internships - the application deadline is December 4, 2016. Eligible applicants include representatives of U.S. university or college programs, departments, student associations or clubs


In order to increase mutual understanding and expand people-to-people connections between the United States and India, the U.S. State Department is re-launching its Passport to India initiative through a partnership between The Ohio State University and IndoGenius.

The U.S. –Indian relationship will be a defining partnership of the 21st century, in the words of President Obama. In order to fully realize the potential of this relationship, more young American need to look to India for education and employment opportunities, just as young Indians have done in the United States for decades.

The Passport to India initiative seeks to dramatically increase the number of young Americans annually learning in India on study abroad and internship programs through a sustainable philanthropic foundation.

The program was launched by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2011 to create a hub for U.S.-India higher education partnerships and to develop a stronger bond between the youth of both countries by increasing American student mobility.

While relying on philanthropic support, this effort complements successful existing study abroad and language study efforts by the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the U.S. Department of Education, and the U.S. Department of Defense. It is a sister program to 100 Thousand Strong to China and 100 Thousand Strong in the Americas, which encourage study abroad to China and Latin America, respectively.

The aims of this program are perfectly complemented by one of India’s own. As a priority of the new government, India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and University Grants Commission (UGC) are launching the Connect to India Programme to enable foreign students to undertake short term courses in India designed to increase understanding of contemporary India and forge closer ties between nations.

Opportunities in India

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Passport to India will work closely with students, institutions, and corporations to increase opportunities for young Americans in India.

At the heart of Passport to India’s approach lies the need to inspire America’s next generation to reevaluate the impact India promises to have on their future lives and careers. A free, interactive Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on India’s historic, economic, and intellectual importance endeavors to bring India to the forefront of America’s best and brightest minds.

Passport to India will also work closely with the university and business communities to increase the number of opportunities available for U.S. students and recent graduates in India. This involves sharing best practices among study abroad models and catalyzing the Indian presence at key international education conferences, such as NAFSA and AIEA.

The Ohio State University and IndoGenius together will work with corporate leaders of both nations to create nationwide internship competitions for young Americans in India. Creating such opportunities will allow American youth to see first-hand the sometimes overlooked partnerships between U.S. and Indian businesses.

The Passport to India team also hopes to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs by encouraging youth in both countries to develop ideas, solutions, and companies that can address shared global challenges of the 21st century.


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The Ohio State University and IndoGenius will be working closely with the U.S. State Department to build the next generation of leaders in the U.S.-India relationship.

About The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University is a dynamic community of diverse resources, where opportunity thrives and where individuals transform themselves and the world. Founded in 1870, Ohio State is a world-class public research university and the leading comprehensive teaching and research institution in the state of Ohio. With more than 64,000 students (including 58,000 in Columbus), the Wexner Medical Center, 14 colleges, 80 centers and 175 majors, the university offers its students tremendous breadth and depth of opportunity in the liberal arts, the sciences and the professions.

As one of the largest public land grant research institutions in the United States, The Ohio State University’s work in India dates back over fifty years with the establishment of the Punjab Agricultural University, as well as design and curriculum development for the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur.

As part of its Global Gateways programs, Ohio State established a presence in India in early 2012 and boasts a number of growing partnerships with Indian universities and businesses. Ohio State’s Gateway office is located in the heart of Mumbai and is establishing key relationships with not only universities and businesses, but also with the local and federal governments.

In mid-2013, Ohio State was awarded the prestigious Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative grant with an emphasis on training the future faculty of India in STEM disciplines. In addition to establishing relationships, the India Gateway office is responsible for increasing student mobility for Ohio State students to India. Since the inception of the office, Ohio State enrollments in both for-credit study abroad programs and internships in India have risen drastically.

About IndoGenius

IndoGenius is a New Delhi based organisation, established in 2010 to assist universities, businesses, NGOs and government agencies from around the world interact with India. Guided by the Rig Veda's wish that good ideas should come from all over the world, its mission is to help increase the greater sum of knowledge for the benefit of all mankind.

IndoGenius work is directed by the firm belief that the next chapter of the human story will in part be defined by the economic and intellectual re-emergence of India and that its global partners can learn from, as well as contribute to, this re-emergence.

In pursuit of these goals, IndoGenius has worked with dozens of U.S., UK, Australian and EU institutions and their Indian counterparts. This has included providing student immersion programs; conducting research and policy reports; developing free mobile education applications; and other strategic initiatives such as academic and research collaborations, preparing campus development plans, supporting graduate career opportunities, and developing alumni relations.

Over 900 university students from the U.S., UK and Europe have completed programs and internships with IndoGenius. An interdisciplinary approach, using India’s cities and villages as the classroom, has inspired students to reconsider the importance of India and its relevance to their lives and careers.


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